About us

Welcome to disegno e.V. (registered association), Society for Intercultural Studies, the forum for an interdisciplinary dialogue of cultures.

The objective of disegno is to create a new way of accessing foreign cultures – with a reflexive effect: in the exploration of the foreign and unknown lie the dynamics of one’s own progress.

In times of global networking, disegno offers a platform for the most diverse activities and projects, providing new impulses, well-founded information, background data and models of action for the topics of tomorrow.

International issues and challenges which affect us all, and to which we are all answerable, will be examined from different cultural perspectives, to pave the way for contemporary paradigms and responsible actions which shape the future.

Our leitmotif is the idea of “disegno”, coined in the aesthetics of the Renaissance. DISEGNO combines the perception and experience of the inner and outer reality with the act of creative design, comprising theory, intellectual and an intuitive approach, as well as the practical execution. This rich traditional concept proves to be more topical than ever, in that it specifically meets the modern notion of holistic thinking and behaviour.

Event formats featured by disegno:

  • International symposia
  • Round-table discussions (public and internal)
  • Cultural events and exhibitions
  • Cultural and environmental projects